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Timing my visit & other inquiries

Unread postby suffice » 07 Sep 2010, 02:21

Hi everyone, i am new to this forum, my name is Greg M., and I'm from California.

I am seriously considering teaching abroad, most likely in South America, but I have yet to get my TEFL certificate. Regarding the online courses, do most teaching centers care how many hours of online training you have done? I am asking because the prices do differ quite a bit. I do have a Bachelor's degree from UC Santa Barbara (not in teaching, but still in the humanities) and I also speak Spanish at a proficient level (having studied abroad in Barcelona).

The main question I had, though, is about the timing. If I wanted to start teaching in the Spring Term/late Winter of 2011, when would I need to apply for work? My hope is to teach for the entire Spring/Summer, and then come back to start working on an M.A. degree in the Fall of 2011. That is, if I am accepted into one of the programs.

Another thing that I am wondering is, for south American countries, what is the visa process? Can a U.S. citizen legally work in South America without a visa? and if you do not need a visa, where do you pay taxes from your paycheck, to the U.S. or to the local government?

And lastly, with my credentials that I have mentioned above, where can I expect to earn at least 800 dollars a month? I know that costs are significantly lower in South America than they are in California, but I do have certain monthly expenses that I would have to maintain while abroad.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out, I really appreciate it!

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