Is it possible to teach TEFL mainly on a part time basis?

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Is it possible to teach TEFL mainly on a part time basis?

Unread postby James3D » 19 Jun 2005, 16:15

Hello there,
I am interested in getting TEFL qualification with the view to hopefully teaching in Spain in the winter and after that.

I was wondering if many people work as TEFL teachers for part time hours
from fifteen to thirty hours a week in an institution and also would part time work be possible to find for someone like me who has no experience of teaching after taking a certified course?

Are there many part time vacancies around?

If not, what do the full time hours usually add up to?

I am very interested in being a TEFL teacher for a while to broaden my experiences, live abroad and have some other work other than designing on my computer.

However, I run a small one person business so would need some time at least to keep this alive while I take time out to work as a TEFL teacher.

Any feedback here would be great,

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Teaching on a part time basis

Unread postby joanne » 22 Jul 2005, 21:30

I think you'll get a part-time job in Spain. 30 hours teaching is usually thought of as full-time because there are so many other things to do outside the class.

You'll probably get something in a large town. You can also think about giving private lessons.

You start getting in touch with schools now befroe the academic year.


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Unread postby James3D » 18 Sep 2005, 00:43


Thank you for the information. I plan to go to the north of Spain, Galicia or the south, Cadiz area. Any information about the state of jobs there would be great.

I have missed the boat for this academic year, I am thinking of taking a course in Spain itself.

I would also consider heading to Morrocco.

Does that mean it is really unlikely to get a job in Spain until the start of the academic year? Or will there always be something if I look hard enough. I dont mind how obscure the town is as long as it is near the Atlantic for surfing. I have quite a bit of business experience so would be interested in TEFL for business, perhaps this does not rely so much on the academic year so much?

Any feedback would be really appreciatted.

Please respond here or e mail me at


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