Advice or Recommendations on Health Insurance Plans?

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Advice or Recommendations on Health Insurance Plans?

Unread postby GhostDog » 04 Jul 2010, 07:41

Hi, just got a job teaching at a middle school in Xinjiang, this will be my first ESL job. The contract I signed does not include health insurance, though Im told the school will cover treatment for low-level accidental injuries, (broken bones, etc). Can anyone recommend an affordable (I'm thinking under US$ 800 annual premium) plan or provider?
I just need a basic, bare-bones plan with emergency hospitalization, evac, and that kind of thing - so far the cheapest instant quotes I found online were about USD 900 -1000 with a USD 500 -1000 deductible, and I'm running short of cash with the outlay for airfare etc. Alternatively, what are the opinions about just going without insurance altogether? I'm sure it's fine - as long as one doesn't get seriously ill. (!)

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Re: Advice or Recommendations on Health Insurance Plans?

Unread postby RobJames » 13 Jul 2010, 17:22

Personally I would nt go near most of the hospitals in China. And do you think there's a decent hospital within 500 miles of Xinjiang ? I do nt think so. So, I d fly far away to get better treatment if it was possible. Look at the map, there's no developed modern city for hundreds of miles.

I would want insurance with the normal medivac. You should be able to find some insurance for a bit less....try looking for gap year insurance.

It's your choice but I m guessing your American and will see a big difference when you see a Chinese hospital.

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