Help needed to decide on TEFL course and country

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Help needed to decide on TEFL course and country

Unread postby Muzzae » 15 Jun 2010, 13:49

I would like to find out more about the TEFL courses and the opportunity it would provide.

Me and my husband are both interested in doing the TEFL weekend course in Birmingham.

We both have different backgrounds academically. I have a degree which is a BSc Honours in Business Management and have previous teaching experience in Primary and secondary care on a voluntary basis. I am a qualified teaching mentor with an NVQ level 3 in mentoring.

My husband has high school qualifications with a lot of work experience but would like to begin his teaching career too.

I have a number of questions which would help me to decide if this course/ career pathway is correct for us. Please could you answer them as best you can.

- What I would like to know is which course would be ideal? (Weekend course)

- What are the chances of both of us getting a job abroad in the same country?

- If one of us got a job would the other be able to travel also?

- We have had a look at the countries we would like to teach and I would have to admit the UAE would suit as the best.

- Do you we need teaching experience to teach in the UAE? Also is the TEFL weekend course sufficient to work in the UAE?

- Also do you have to have a degree to teach in the UAE?

- Also what are the pay benefits for the UAE? Someone with a degree and without?
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