A New Conversation Game for ESL Students

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A New Conversation Game for ESL Students

Unread postby javoza » 14 Jun 2010, 18:29

Hello all

I've come across a game called OnQ which is great for higher-level ESL students. It was designed to bring people together to talk about themselves and their experiences and to have fun in the process. And as the makers say, it's best played with people from very different backgrounds.

It seems that so much of our focus as ESL teachers is providing the student with language to get practical things done in their new community. But how fluent is your student when it comes to social interaction with native speakers? How much practice do your students get hypothesizing, showing interest, expressing emotions, questioning, 'hedging', taking part in 'small talk', expressing abstract thoughts, and all the other language functions that they need to really fit in?

Over the past few months of playing this game, my students now feel more confident expressing their themselves on a wide range of topics. What's more, they really enjoy the interactivity that it encourages, and the resulting fun! The game is available at http://www.asifonq.com. Give this game a try, your students would be as grateful as mine were!

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