TEFL as a couple? Very worried.

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TEFL as a couple? Very worried.

Unread postby kateeb » 06 Apr 2010, 15:27


My partner and I are about to start a TEFL course with i-to-i, however, before we begin we would like to have a general idea of job prospects once we've completed the course. We are an unmarried couple in our 20's, one with a Psychology degree from Australia and the other without a degree but teaching experience as a support teacher in a UK high school, helping young polish children learn english. We're just wanting an idea of which countries we would be likely to find work in as a couple.
Also, people who TEFL as a couple, have you found it easy enough to find work together in the same area or have you had to spearate quite often to find work? This is a big worry of mine.


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Re: TEFL as a couple? Very worried.

Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 07 Apr 2010, 09:40

It depends where you want to go. The basic qualifications for many entry level jobs is a degree and a TEFL certificate and this should be fine.
Essentially although you are likely to find work in the same town or city (as long as it's big enough) I'd recommend not trying to find work in the same school.
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Re: TEFL as a couple? Very worried.

Unread postby systematic » 04 Jun 2010, 03:43

Religious principles in most developing countries, especially Islamic, Buddhist, and Catholic, are often far more closely observed than in Western countries. Most schools will not employ people who are unmarried and living as a couple. Catholic schools might occasionally be slightly more tolerant but will not offer them the free accommodation.

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