WARNING - don't work for Vacances Educatives!!

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WARNING - don't work for Vacances Educatives!!

Unread postby jenlea » 01 Jun 2010, 12:00

Calling all EFL Teachers!

Make sure to AVOID VACANCES EDUCATIVES (EFL / rip off school)

they have no idea what they are doing. no materials, no photocopier, no pens, paper, books, plan, person in charge, organisation, enough teachers..... no idea at all.

Two of us worked for them for one week, it was the most stressful, badly run 'school' I have ever taught at (actually a youth hostel in the middle of nowhere with no proper classrooms). Due to the trouble we had to go through (for example walking three miles to the nearest village to make photocopies and writing our own syllabus) and having to do the work of three teachers, we were promised a raise and expenses. This turned out to be a lie. It then took us a month of emails, long distance phone calls and hassle to get paid anything at all.

What we were finally paid was £60 less than the bare minimum agreed, travel expenses were not met as promised.

In short, avoid these goons at all cost! Stressful, wasted work for next to no money! Who needs the hassle!

Phew! ok, enjoy your summers.......

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Re: WARNING - don't work for Vacances Educatives!!

Unread postby seanaway » 08 Jun 2010, 10:03

Unfortunately, not an uncommon story. Where are these guys based?


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Re: WARNING - don't work for Vacances Educatives!!

Unread postby teach49 » 31 May 2015, 17:31

Unfortunately these guys are still up to their old tricks.

I worked for them in the Summer of 2014 in the UK and found them disorganised and lacking a serious structure - with little or no guidance given to teachers on the syllabus.

That alone, however, wouldn't be too bad as long as the teacher is well-organised (which wasn't a problem for me) - the real problem is they haven't paid any of the four teachers which worked on the camp -at the time of writing this has gone on for 11 months.

If you want to work for an organised environment, and more importantly be paid for your work, DO NOT WORK FOR VACANCES EDUCATIVES!

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