I need help with concept questions!

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I need help with concept questions!

Unread postby amoura » 03 May 2010, 14:19

Hello Lucy!

I need some help regarding concept questions & their tenses (it's my 2nd week as a trainee and I am finding it all very daunting as i have no prior teaching experience!)

1. I wish I didn't live in London (i thought this was the past simple tense?)

This is what I have so far :

Do I live in London now = yes
I hope to leave London
Do i want to stay in london? = no

2. Would you mind opening the window? Not at all (future tense?)

Can you open the window please? = yes
(i'm not sure how to incorporate the "not at all" part so that is all i have so far)

3. You should've locked the window (not sure which tense this is please advise)

Did you close the window? = No
did I tell you to lock the window? = yes
is the window securely closed? = No

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Re: concept questions & form please advise

Unread postby Lucy » 04 May 2010, 07:17

Hi Amoura,

I can't actually answer your question because we don't help people with their assignments and homework. However, I will say that you're on the right lines.

When preparing concept check questions, you can look at the definition of the word or phrase in a good dictionary. You then build your questions around the definition you find there.

Good luck!


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