Language Schools in Korea **Best ones***

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Language Schools in Korea **Best ones***

Unread postby themeditator » 18 Mar 2010, 16:57


Once again its my second post on the forum and damn are we confused. Anyway looking at the reviews it appears that given my situation working long hours an online course would be best.

A friend of mine out in Vietnam at the moment suggested that he does not recommend an online course as most schools do not recognise them. Is this true?

We are not experts however the two course we are considering is maybe icalweb or ontesol. Doing the 100 hour course and 20 hours practical.
The newbie questions then is, wait for it, dum dum dum.

1 - Once I have the online TESOL/TFEL what is the best way to find work in Korea?
2 - Is there anywhere which has a list of the best ranked language schools in Korea?


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Re: Language Schools in Korea **Best ones***

Unread postby systematic » 21 Mar 2010, 21:35

Korea & Vietnam may both be in Asia but for the reasons you would like information, they may just as well be as far away from each other, and as different, as Canada and Cambodia. By and large, the governments of most countries insist on a university degree to be able to obtain legal employment as a teacher. A TESOL cert, if needed, is usually a requirement made by the employers, and might not even be needed. However, see my comment below about Korea. Be guided by someone who has first hand experience.

1. Ty Googling teaching job in korea and seeing what it comes up with.
2. Have you thought of simply Googling 'best language school Korea' and seeing what it comes up with?

Generally, the best way to get the better jobs is to be in the country, cold canvass the schools of your choice, and be available for immediate interview if replying to ads. I don't know if this is true for Korea though - I have never been lived, or worked there.

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