Malta's TEFL qualifications

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Malta's TEFL qualifications

Unread postby Cyrus » 24 Aug 2005, 09:10

Hi there!

I would like to know wether the TEFL qualifications in Malta are valid internaitonally.

One of the TEFL teaching schools in Malta told me that maltese TEFL sn;t valid abroad and that the only maltese qualification valid overseas is TESOL and this correct?



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Unread postby HenryTeach » 25 Aug 2005, 10:24

No single qualification has worldwide status. It's not a matter of being valid, but of being accepted.

The CELTA is accepted almost anywhere. The others will be accepted by some schools - depending on the school.

So if you've got a CELTA you're pretty ok anywhere. When you apply for a job at a school and tell them you've got a TESL Certificate they'll probably accept it at face value and that will be it. They might enquire a little more about it and then make a judgement based on what you say - and what the awarding school says.

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Unread postby MattMaleham » 30 Aug 2005, 07:42

hey cyrus

where are you planning to go to, some countries abroad will accept basically anything, while otheres are fairly strict. In each country it still depends on the institution you are planning to attend, so I would recommend contacting the place you are planning to go to in order to find a more accurate answer. How long have you been teaching for? What is the school system like in Malta, I have never really heard anything about it and it could be pretty interesting. I live in Australia by the way.

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