Non-native English teacher - employment chances in Asia?

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Non-native English teacher - employment chances in Asia?

Unread postby redcranes » 15 Feb 2010, 13:23

Hi. I have a question.
I’m a Celta-certified English teacher with a degree from a Canadian university. I’m German by birth but have lived in Canada for the past twelve years.
I’ve been looking into ESL teaching jobs in Asia and have found that the fact that my first language isn’t English is a huge stumbling block.
I’m qualified, my English is flawless, and I have the references to prove it, but all I ever hear in response to my applications is “Native speakers only. Native speakers only.”
I am aware that some countries only grant teaching visa to nationals of English-speaking countries. I also understand the schools’ reservations – if they promise their students native teachers, they are obliged to give them native teachers. But I’m getting very frustrated. Are there any schools out there that employ qualified non-native speakers?
I’d be happy about any feedback.

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Re: Non-native English teacher - employment chances in Asia?

Unread postby Lucas » 15 Feb 2010, 16:44

Just start applying and see what response you get. If you've been in Canada for 12 years and completed a degree here, then you are almost considered a native speaker. If you acquired a native accent and obtained a Canadian passport, then apply as a native speaker. You have the qualifications so what matters is that you don't have a strong foreign accent.
The best paying jobs in Asia are in Hong Kong, S.Korea, and Japan.
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Re: Non-native English teacher - employment chances in Asia?

Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 16 Feb 2010, 10:22

Can you apply as bilingual? That may offer even more opportunities than a monolingual speaker in some circumstances!

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Re: Non-native English teacher - employment chances in Asia?

Unread postby systematic » 17 Feb 2010, 01:40

Excellent opportunities exist in Thailand for people with your background and qualifications.
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