Teaching in Turkey

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Teaching in Turkey

Unread postby Karent » 27 Jun 2005, 14:21


Does anyone have any experience in teaching in the coastal areas of Turkey? My husband and İ have bought some land and are in the process of building a house, where we wıll live for most of the year. İ would like to teach English but am not sure if there is as much need for teachers as there may be in the larger cities.



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Teaching in Turkey

Unread postby malcolm » 25 Jul 2005, 13:29

Hi Karen,

I used to live in Turkey. I know that most small towns have a private language school. They're usually very small and with minimum equipment and resources. hOwever, Turkish students are a pleasure to teach.

If you don't mind small schools and creating your own materials, I'm sure you'll find a job.


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