Left school a while ago, feeling rusty

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Left school a while ago, feeling rusty

Unread postby barnaby » 31 Jan 2010, 16:03

I recently downloaded application forms for a TEFL certification course in Lisbon (via Cactus).
Everything seemed fine....... until I encountered the "tasks" section.
Although I consider myself a literate person who enjoys both reading and writing I was unable to complete the tasks with any confidence.
Needless to say this made me felt rather stupid.
School was a long time ago and I´m rustier than I thought !
Can you offer any advice or encouragement to an inexperienced wannabe teacher ?
Thank you.

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Re: Left school a while ago, feeling rusty

Unread postby Lucy » 01 Feb 2010, 18:07

Hi Barnaby,

The first thing I’d like to say is that course providers do not expect you to know the answer to everything in the initial tasks. You are not expected to know everything; if you did, there would be no point in you following the course! Generally, the objective is to get a feeling of whether you are a suitable candidate to be registered on the course. I would advise you to think about your own experience of learning and examples of teachers who have inspired you.

I can’t say much more than that because I don’t know exactly what the tasks are. In any case, I couldn’t give you more assistance because we don’t answer assignment questions in the forums.

I’m sure that you will answer the questions adequately: your written English is good. I’m sure you’ll do a good job!


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