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Teaching English in-company

Unread postby earhzondi » 18 Dec 2009, 03:57

Dear Lucy,

I am so astonished when I read your suggestion here. Your ideas are great. I will some of your advice. I hope you can give me information about English training to company employees.

I am working as English teacher in one university in China. Teaching English major students is very easy to manage because they are not reluctant to speak. Non-English major students and other people who are not exposed to English language often is some kinna difficult to manage because they are shy, they dont have the courage to speak and they dont know how to say in English.

This is the problem i will be facing next week because I will be facilitating some employees. These employees were chosen by their company to improve their English skills particularly their speaking. The class is divided into two level, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate. They are in their early 30's to early 50's.

May you please recommend how to train this kind of special students and what book can you recommend?

Looking forward


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Re: Teaching English in-company

Unread postby Lucy » 20 Dec 2009, 12:14

Dear Rhea,

I suggest you start with a good course book. Many teachers of business English like the International Express series.

If you think the students will be reluctant to speak, choose an easy activity for the first lesson. This could be an activity at a lower level; eg a pre-intermediate activity for the intermediate students. The first activities don't have to be entirely business focussed. Remember to take some material with you that does not involve speaking. By doing this, you have a back-up activity if your students are really reticent. You can also use a questionnaire (using spoken or written English) to find out what students want to learn and what they think their strong and weak points are. This will help you to plan future lessons.

I think they will be motivated; they have been singled out by their employer to have English lessons. I suggest you do the first lesson with them; see what their level and motivation is like and then write in again.

Also please take a look at the 'lesson plans' section of this website.


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