Payment and vacation in China

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Payment and vacation in China

Unread postby Casper75 » 29 Jun 2005, 22:59

I just want to know what the situation is on getting paid during holidays. I have signed a contract for 12 months where it is stated that I will get payment (4000RMB) per month. However, there is no clause regarding payment for the winter and summer vacations. The college has paid me my full salary during the winter holiday, but now they refuse to pay me for the summer holiday (or give me a bonus). I have already signed a new contract for another year at the same college. Can someone please give me some advise.

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Payment during vacations

Unread postby malcolm » 26 Jul 2005, 14:15

maybe it depends on how many days holiday you've taken.

If the school is closed and you're forced t take a holiday, I think you should be paid.

Try asking them about these 2 things


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