Teaching English in China and studying Kung Fu?

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Teaching English in China and studying Kung Fu?

Unread postby saltyd » 15 Nov 2009, 01:54

Does anyone know of any places in China where one can get a job teaching English and study kung fu at the same time? I'm looking for a kung fu school that has a translator, one that other foreigners go to but that also allows students to attend classes part time as opposed to living in a monastery.
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Re: Teaching English in China and studying Kung Fu?

Unread postby lauralene » 10 Dec 2009, 07:39

Hi There

I just finished a TEFL course at TEFL CHINA in Yangshuo. It was great. There are many language schools there and if you don't have a TEFL certificate yet, it is a very good place to do it. In Yangshuo there are many kongfu schools, but I would defintely recommend my Kongfu teacher who has been a Shaolin fighting instructor for 7 years! He lives in Yangshuo now and tutors students. So you would have time to work and practice.

If you want to contact him just write to akuazi@hotmail.com

Hope this helps
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