The world is my Oyster...

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The world is my Oyster...

Unread postby Kristien » 04 Aug 2009, 16:51

Hello All,

This is my first post, so firstly Hello :D I am a prospective EFL teacher who is starting a CELTA in September.

Last October I was a Design Technician working for an Architectural company. One day I met this wonderful Italian girl online and we started chatting everyday. One month later in November I plucked up the courage to fly out to southern Italy to see her. We hit it off and it was like one big fairytale. I flew back out again over christmas and by this time I was taking online Italian lessons, which went well considering I grew up in France and found the languages to be similar.

In January I was made redundant from my job. In February I flew back out to Italy to see her and also to book 2weeks intensive Italian lessons (for May) at a language school in Lecce. The DoS at the language school randomly offered me a temp job teaching English to 3-5yr olds! I only turned it down because it was temporary, short notice and such a schock! But it was a confidence booster, and by the time I returned home I seriously started contemplating a career in EFLT. This would also be a way to stay in Italy with my girlfriend.

I flew out again in April for another long visit to see her, and during that time we both flew back to England for a week so she could visit(she speaks excellent english but had never visited before) we then both flew back to Italy so that I could start my Italian lessons. The lessons went very well, but things were not going well between my girlfriend and I... She started to become very cold and distant with me, and not wanting to spend as much time with me while I was there. This problem became worse over time and although I spoke to her about it, she assured me everything was ok. When I returned home early June all was not well between us. I didnt trust her anymore and I was too unhappy. We spoke about breaking up and 2 days later her sister tells me she is with someone else. My heart was broken and I didnt know which way to turn, I also did not want to continue with the EFL career.

Then a few weeks ago I came to my senses and realised that I should continue with the EFL career. Because now I would be doing it for myself, and not because of someone else. This would give me an opportunity of a new challenge and a massive chance to work abroad.

So... 'rant over'... I just thought i'd let you all know why im in this position, and to ask some advice on where to go for my first teaching post? What countries are best to go to as a newly-qualified, non-experienced EFL teacher?

I've heard lots of places in the far east accept newly-qualified non-experienced teachers, but is the far east a good idea for someone like myself?

Any ideas or opinions would be welcomed, Thanks :D

Alex Case
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Re: The world is my Oyster...

Unread postby Alex Case » 06 Aug 2009, 09:50

Not sure you've given us any relevant details. This guest piece of mine on Six Things might help: ... r-in-asia/

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Re: The world is my Oyster...

Unread postby Lucy » 06 Aug 2009, 11:32

Hi there,

I don't know much about the Far East; I've never worked there. but the first thing I notice from your post is that you have worked as a design technician. I presume you get a good salary for that. YOu should be aware that starter TEFL salaries are not great. You can make a good living out of it with more experience but when you're starting, you're competing with lots of other people with limited experience (unfortunately this leads to low salaries). It's just one of the many things to consider.

As you say, you'd get the experience of living in other countries - that's always fun.

Just a couple of things for you to consider.


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