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Unread postby siprego » 09 Jun 2009, 17:00

hello all,
Can anyone help me with grammar structures? i am trying to do a mini task in my TEFL module and am having difficulty in finding the phonological aspects for "used to have" and "was having". For example the phonology for "you should have" is "should've"


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Re: grammar

Unread postby Triton » 12 Jun 2009, 14:46

What you are referring to is contracted verb forms rather than phonology as such which deals with the way they are pronounced rather than the way they are written.

There may not be contracted forms for "used to have" and "was having" except perhaps in very informal situations. Similar to shan't (shall not) and ain't (are not) which are not standard standard contractions.

They could contract to: "used t'ave" and "was'aving" though in fact this is more like slurred speech rather than informal contractions.

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