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Interview questions

Unread postby slick578 » 28 May 2009, 03:17

Would anybody share their experience regarding the questions which they have been asked in a TEFL interview?

I am particularily concerned with what grammar questions are commonly asked? I want to make sure I go into my interviews confident and fully prepared!

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Re: Interview questions

Unread postby Jo » 28 May 2009, 05:39

This may not answer your question directly, but you may find something useful at:

7 ESL job interview tips

and, turning the tables:

Top 10 interview questions for teachers to ask

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Re: Interview questions

Unread postby helianthusdd » 09 Feb 2012, 11:43

1- A smile goes a long way!

First impressions are really important in any interview, so by showing that you are cheerful and polite you are demonstrating that you have the perfect attributes to become a fantastic TEFL teacher!

2- Present yourself well

It’s really important to be present yourself well at your interview, not only does it give a good impression if you are dressed smartly, but it is actually vital that you dress suitably in some traditional cultures. This shows you are culturally aware and can adapt to living in a different culture.

3- Speak clearly
eaking slowly and clearly is important in a TEFL interview. It is very likely your interviewer’s first language isn’t English, so you need to make yourself understood. A lot of interviews are done on Skype or over the phone, so it is even more important to speak slowly. If your interviewer can’t understand what you’re saying your potential students won’t be able to either!

4- Prepare, prepare, prepare!

The good old saying fail to prepare, prepare to fail is really relevant to your TEFL job interview. If you go into the interview not knowing much about the school or country it’s not going to go down well! It is always going to help you by thinking of some questions that you are likely to be asked and think about how you would answer them5- Show an interest

No-one is going to want to hire someone who doesn’t appear to be interested in the school or country. So make sure you are interested in and have some knowledge of the country. By showing you know about the place you want to head to, you are demonstrating that you would fit in well there and you’re not going to do a runner when you get homesick!

6- Ask questions!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It shows you’re interested in the role. There are loads of questions you could ask, but don’t ask too many as it will turn into an interview for the interviewer!

Hope this helps!

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