Working & living in Turkey

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Working & living in Turkey

Unread postby rej » 12 Mar 2005, 07:28


I'm considering teaching in Turkey, most likely in Istanbul. I've been teaching for five years and have lived in various countries. I would really like some useful and honest opinions about what it's like to live there. I only know two non-Turkish people who have worked there, and would just like a rounded view of the place before I make any definite decisions.

Thank you.

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Working and living in Turkey

Unread postby malcolm » 17 Mar 2005, 12:56

I worked in Turkey for two years but not in Istanbul. I was in Ankara.

Turkish people were really nice, hospitable and friendly. I visited Istanbul a few times and there was a different atmosphere. There's the bussle of a big city, extremes of wealth and poverty and the inevitable tourist traps. All this means that a foreigner has a different experience in Istanbul to somewhere like Ankara, Antalya or Izmir.

There are loads of lovely places in Turkey, think carefully before you choose where to go. Can you visit? It's really not expensive to go there.

The reason I left was because of inflation. Prices were going up quickly and my spending power was reduced. That was in 1994 to 1996. It might be different today.

I still miss the country and the people today. I had a great time there.


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Re: Working & living in Turkey

Unread postby hannahberry1 » 19 May 2009, 13:03


I am moving to Turkey in June this year for a year. I have been going for around six years, sometimes for a few months at a time. I find that to live in Turkey is amazing, really. Although the work is hard and trying it is definately worth it!. The people and culture are very friendly as well as easy-going, despite all of the rumours of scary Turkish men taking your children and marrying them! (I am engaged to a Turkish man). I will be working in reception for a hotel as I know many common languages spoken in Antalya, but my friend works in the International School in Canakkale and she says it is amazing! I hope you have the best of times!


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