Teaching and Taking a family to china - advice pls

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Teaching and Taking a family to china - advice pls

Unread postby BiloBunch » 08 May 2009, 14:22

I am investigating the possibility of my wife and I along with 4 kids going to China. My wife and I (and possibly our 19 year old daughter) will seek a teaching role and our other kids (15, 12, 10) would integrate into school. Timing Feb2010 and we would commit to a 2 year period.

That's the grand plan .... is it practical? We reside in Brisbane, Australia.

I have an associate degree in engineering (electronics) and a diploma in management, along with 25 years engineering experience (12 in senior management positions). My wife / daughter only have year 12 education. I have had experience developing and presenting technical training to adults and my wife / daughter experience in preparing and teaching younger children (church activities).

Q1: Is what we are considering practical?
Q2: Where is a good place to start looking to see if there is a school (employer?) willing to take on a family?
Q3: Does anyone have experience with integrating their children into a school in China?
Q4: Is there likely to be accommodation that will fit a large family?

Thanks in advance for any guidance received.


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Re: Teaching and Taking a family to china - advice pls

Unread postby Alex Case » 13 May 2009, 11:25

I don't know anything about China, but as no one else has answered I thought I'd give a more general view. Generally:

- If your kids don't speak the language, you will need to enrole them in an international school
- Few newbie TEFL teachers can afford the international school fees for one child on their wages, let alone for 4. These fees don't get cheaper just because the country is cheaper, making them rather a greater proportion of your wages
- Few newbie TEFL teachers can support 4 kids on their wages


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Re: Teaching and Taking a family to china - advice pls

Unread postby systematic » 15 May 2009, 10:36

I can only reiterate Alex's comments.
From the perspective of nearby Thailand, a TEFL teacher's starting salary wouldn't even cover the fees plus cost of books, uniforms, activities, etc., of private education in an international school.
I offer any information or advice 'as is' and hope that it has been of help. I am not an admin of this board, and my postings do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the board management.
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Re: Teaching and Taking a family to china - advice pls

Unread postby melody » 01 Sep 2009, 11:38

hi, i'm chinese. i think your requirements should be more specific. China is a large country. Where do you want to teach, northern cities or southern cities? What kind of school do you prefer, college, high school, or kindergarten? If you have more questions, maybe you can send me an email. maybe i could help.

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