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Cambridge TKT

Unread postby raenbow » 20 Apr 2009, 15:11

Hi, just wondering if anyone has done, or has any experience of the Cambride Teaching Knowledge Test, as someone has recommended I do it, but all my local TEFL contacts have no experience of it. Thanks

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Re: Cambridge TKT

Unread postby systematic » 24 Apr 2009, 09:53

Everything you need to know about the TKT is here: ... s/tkt.html
I was involved in its development.
Do bear in mind that it is primarily aimed at non-native speaker teachers of English and is not intended as a substitute for a TESOL certificate, and is therefore not a teaching qualification.

If you are a native speaker, you will already knowmost of the essentials of the TKT, so I would recommend that you choose to do a TESOL certificate such as the Cambridge CELTA or an equivalent.
I offer any information or advice 'as is' and hope that it has been of help. I am not an admin of this board, and my postings do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the board management.
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Re: Cambridge TKT

Unread postby Azariah » 10 Dec 2011, 17:01

Hello :)

I did the CELTA about 5 years ago. Last year, I decided to do the TKT CLIL module out of curiosity. Then I did the TKT KAL. Suddenly, I was quite interested in doing all of them, so I did TKT modules 1, 2 and 3 on top of what I'd already done. There is also a Practical TKT although I haven't done that, as I've had plenty of experience. Last month I did the TKT Young Learner module and learned a lot.

I think that the TKT is great and I actually did learn new things despite having already done the CELTA. One of my colleagues recently did one of the TKT modules and she too thought it was very good. I consider it a form of professional development and of course it is a qualification! There is even a three month preparation course available for those with no teaching experience.

I think that CELTA + TKT = perfect combination :)

Just my opinion, though ;)


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Re: Cambridge TKT

Unread postby wina_adithia » 03 Jan 2012, 16:25

Hi Raenbow,

I did my TKT in 2010 and even during the studying process I really enjoyed it as what I learned was different from other qualifications.

Using the TKT Qualifications and other Cambridge certificates I applied for a job as an EFL teacher in the UK and it succeeded as now I work as a Centre Manager in a learning centre.

Good luck :)

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