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Teaching Ever/Never

Unread postby jgabel » 01 Apr 2009, 00:45

I am new to TEFL and am struggling with how to convey the concept of 'ever' and 'never' to a group of ELL's. I have a number of activities for the group, but how to initially teach the meaning of the words is stumping me. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for any guidance!

Jennifer Gabel

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Re: Teaching Ever/Never

Unread postby Lucy » 02 Apr 2009, 21:30

Hi Jennifer,

I suggest you take a number of sentences that contain ever and never. Show them to your students and allow them to deduce the meanings of the words. It is a difficult concept to explain and I think they'll understand more through example. By asking them to work out the meanings themselves, they will be more engaged in the lesson and hopefully remember more.

Depending on the level, they can do the task in English or in their own language.


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