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Unread postby hadley7man » 14 Feb 2005, 17:21

> English Training Centre (Birmingham)
> Eurolink/Training Link International (Sheffield)
> Intesol (Knutsford, Cheshire)

Can anyone give me any advice/lowdown/comment on the relative merits, performance etc. of these UK-based TESOL/TEFL distance learning training schools?

I've researched quite extensively into various distance learning/online schools (to try and avoid the cowboys) and these three seem to come out top - all of them offering a Level 2 teaching certificate course of at least 150 hours (for a reasonable price) and all of them accredited by either ACTDEC or the College of Teachers (or in the case of Eurolink/Training Link, both accrediting bodies).
The courses are also eligible for the Teaching Practice Portfolio Scheme (run by ACTDEC) which awards a recognised Certificate of Teaching Practice Development after completing a four-month development practicum whilst in a teaching job [see the link]

If anyone out there has experience/knowledge of these schools (whether good or bad) I'd be very grateful to know as I will make a final decision on a course provider soon with the intention of starting a course in March 2005. I can be reached at

Many many thanks :D

Graham Hadley

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TEFL distance learning

Unread postby Nigel » 19 Feb 2005, 12:16

I've never heard of these schools so can't say good or bad about them.

I've never heard ofthe accrediting bodies you mention. Maybe that would be a place to start. find out more aboutthe accreditation bodies and what sort of work you can hope to get with such references. They may be fine; i'm just suggesting you check.

Also, what do these centres do about teaching practice, observaitons and feedback on your actual teaching. They may have a system that works but check it out. Some courses have ways of getting feedback on your teaching;


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Unread postby HenryTeach » 20 Feb 2005, 13:53

I *believe* that those accrediting bodies charge by the student which always makes me suspicious. In other words, the more schools they accredit and the more students who take one of those courses, the more money they get.

Look on these and other forums and see what people actually say about the courses they've taken. What kind of job are you after? Some will require a quick Cert only and others a full blown diploma so before taking any course I'd see what the employer is going to want at the end of the day.

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