Who did people train with?

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Who did people train with?

Unread postby AndrewNZ » 08 Feb 2005, 19:08

Hi all

Hows it going? Currently I am in China teaching in Deyang , one hour
north of Chengdu

I did a short course in new zealand before I came here of 5 days and
then some stuff online but I dont think it prepared me to well to
teach , my teaching is ok but could be a lot better. After I have
finished here I might do some further training.

who did other people train with and what did they think of the course?
I have heard english first is quite good, anyone trained with that?

Thanks for your help


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Unread postby carol » 09 Feb 2005, 15:57

hi Andrew,

I trained with International House and thought they were great.

Very professional, sessions led by big names, such as Peta Grey, Adrian Underhill, Jim Scrivener.

They're international so you might find something near you.

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Unread postby diana » 18 Aug 2006, 01:24

Hi Andrew,

Both my husband and I trained with Via Lingua in Corinth, Greece. It is a 4 week intense course with 100 classroom hours and 20 teaching hours.

We are also in China. Nanchong is approx. 2 1/2 hours east of Chengdu. Speaking of Chengdu, try Peter's Tex-Mex which is just down the road from the International University (by TrustMart). Grandma's is good too. Great food!

Good luck in what ever you do.

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