teaching regulations in Thailand

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teaching regulations in Thailand

Unread postby breconman » 24 Feb 2009, 08:20

My name is David and I reside In Thailand. Thailand changes it's rules and regulations in all aspects of Government frequently, I have no problem with this, they do this to help the people of Thailand.

Requirements for teaching English and obtaining a Teachers License, and a Work Permit is no exception, whilst I can understand most parts of the regulations there are two areas that are unclear to this scribe.

I have been in contact with officialdom but I have not yet been able to get clear cut answers, this is I believe due to my limited knowledge of the Thai language .

There are two Questions that I have and I most certainly would appreciate advise.

1. Is an online TOFL certificate valid in Thailand for the purposes of obtaining a work permit?

2. Is it a requirement to also have a degree for the same purposes?

I know many Teachers who have obtained their work permit without a degree but this seems to be at the discretion of the interviewing officer.

Ladies And Gentleman I await your comments Thank You.

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Re: teaching regulations in Thailand

Unread postby systematic » 26 Feb 2009, 08:10

Hi David,

if you are here in Thailand you are in the best place to get first-hand information and your lack of knowledge of Thai will not be any hindrance. These matters have also been discussed at great length on other threads in these forums, but the quick reply is:

1. A TESOL certificate is a requirement posed by only some schools - usually the better ones. It is neither required by the government nor will help you obtain legal employment.

2. A degree is mandatory - you won't get a visa or a visa extension for teaching without one, it will also be required by the Labour Office for your Work Permit, and it will also be needed to obtain a teacher licence.

Some government schools in very remote areas are able to obtain a special dispensation for employing a teacher without a degree, but you would need to provide adequate provable eperience, and you will be required to obtain a degree within two years. There is no 'Interviewing Officer'.

I hope this helps.
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