Poland English Language Centre?

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Poland English Language Centre?

Unread postby Shivangi » 07 Feb 2009, 14:55

I'm desperately in need of some help. Has anyone heard of Poland English Language Centre?

I just recieved an offer from them but my instincts are on high alert. The China one that I posted about earlier still gives no reply (referring to my previous post) so I assume it is a hoax.

It is a tiring process when you want an honest job. Many don't hire you because you aren't a native speaker and worse people try to rip you off! What is it with them?

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Re: Poland English Language Centre?

Unread postby systematic » 08 Feb 2009, 11:58

Hi Shivangi,
By searching Google, I can only find two references tho this place:

http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin ... read=23141
which carries a warning,
who have deletede the Poland centre advert.

I think the messages are plain enough. It always pays to do Google searches - you never know what you might turn up :)
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