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Routes to teaching English abroad...

Unread postby adambb » 15 Jan 2009, 17:44

Well hello,

I am looking for the best route into teaching english abroad, and exploring nearly all avenues open to me and my tight financial situation, I would like some opinions on the following.

I would love to teach english in mainland Europe as of September for a 6-12 month contract, preferably to children and/or teenagers. I do not have any experience in this field, but I have got time working with me so that I can gain some good experience. A lot of the 4-week courses available are far out of my price range, so they will have to be overlooked unfortunately. I understand a lot of the weekend/online courses are either complete rubbish or can only offer so much, and generally are pointless if I want to secure a long contract abroad. SO, how about this for a plan? Indeed gain a TEFL/TESOL qualification from one of these weekend courses, then work at a camp over the summer. Would this be a suitable path accepted by future employers?

You're experienced opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a mil


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Re: Some valued opinions please....

Unread postby Lucy » 29 Jan 2009, 18:07

Hi Adam

I think you’re confused about TEFL courses and TEFL qualifications. That’s okay: many people are confused by all the information that’s out there!

The content of a weekend or online course may be good. Of course, like anything else, they might not be good. The question to ask is whether they grant qualifications. The most widely recognised qualifications in TEFL are the CELTA and the Trinity Certificate. These can be done through a one-month intensive course or through a year-long, less intensive course. These courses involve both input on teaching and teaching practice. In teaching practice, you plan a lesson, teach a class and are observed while doing it. The observer will give you comments on your teaching to help you learn and improve.

I don’t know of a weekend course that offers a qualification. I also don’t know of an online course that offers teaching practice. These courses may well exist but I don’t know about them.

I suggest you look at ads for jobs in the countries you are interested in. Check out what their requirements are: what qualifications do they ask for? How much experience do they expect their teachers to have?. This will help you see which qualifications are needed in the type of job you want to be in and to see whether your plan will work.

Please write in again if you have any further questions.


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