What would be my future if I do CELTA?

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What would be my future if I do CELTA?

Unread postby punam » 25 Mar 2004, 15:31

Dear Auntie Lucy,

I am an educated Indian, and have been teaching English in India for some time (age group - teens to adults). Unfortunately I do not have any relevent qualifications for the job, which is why my prospects are rather limited. I am planning to do the CELTA. Can you tell me what my prospects will be after that? Will I be able to get a job in some respectable teaching institute? And what are the prospects of a job in other countries (for a non-native speaker of English)? I love travelling!

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Future after CELTA?

Unread postby Lucy » 26 Mar 2004, 14:02

You are right in thinking that a certificate in TEFL will help you with work possibilities. However, as more people have the Cert there is still a lot of competition.

Many certificate courses have contacts with schools and so you have opportunities to apply for jobs while studying. You can ask about this when applying for courses.

You asked about the possibilities of teaching EFL as an Indian. This will depend very much on the school you apply to, their needs and recruiting policy. It will also depend on which country you want to work in, as some governments have regulations about which qualifications are needed to teach.

I wish you success with your plan and hope you enjoy travelling and teaching. It's an excellent way to get to know a country, its culture and its people.

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