Teacher trainer and oral examining opportunities

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Teacher trainer and oral examining opportunities

Unread postby ktfreddie » 28 Dec 2004, 23:02

I am a DELTA qualified teacher (June 2003, International House London) with about 4 years experience. I live in Italy and am teaching part-time.
I would like to try and get into doing oral examining (I am already a Cambridge Young Learners examiner for the Starters exam) in Italy as this is my permanent residence. I am also interested in becoming/training to become a teacher trainer and eventually a freelance teacher trainer.
Can anyone give me any advice on this and more importantly any addresses, websites etc that might be useful?

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Unread postby Sekhmet » 25 Jan 2005, 12:43

Kt, I'm also interested in developing my teacher training skills. I currently work as a trainer, but I would like to do more online work. So, any websites about that would aslo be appreciated!
In answer to your question, why not check out the Boland school website? They do a month long teacher trainer programme, with the option to then become a trainer in one of their schools. The only problem with this is that it is a fairly expensive course. On first inspecition, it does look rather like a glorified TEFL certificate, but maybe thats was just my impression. Good luck!!

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