Winter camps..?

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Winter camps..?

Unread postby adredwood » 20 Oct 2008, 21:41

Hello there

As you may have guessed, I'm wondering about the possibility of winter camps in Europe; try as a may, I can't seem to find any reference to any happenings on this continent, at least at this time of year. A few google searches, as well as the forum route, have turned up mostly Korean camps (if anyone has any good info on these it would also be greatly appreciated, though it seems far to go for just a few weeks) and I'm beginning to think there aren't any around.

I'm a graduate, CELTA qualified with 2 years experience, a mixture of language schools in Thailand and freelance in the Netherlands, and a native speaker (from England). Having recently done a camp near Oxford this summer and enjoyed it thoroughly, I'd love to continue the trend this year with a winter camp - it's a great deal more exciting than the call-centre jobs I find myself doing at the moment.

Any help you can give in this area would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

Andy (:

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Re: Winter camps..?

Unread postby maja1 » 05 Nov 2008, 01:34

Hi there,

we are looking for teachers for winter camp, in Poland, Zakopane. Please contact us ASAP and we will supply you with all information needed.


Magda Gałuszka, Oxford Centre, Bielsko-Biala, Poland

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