EAL for children 3-4yrs old

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EAL for children 3-4yrs old

Unread postby kerrylockyer » 12 Oct 2008, 21:55

Hello I am a teacher of EAL in an International school in The
> Netherlands and deal mainly with children from 4-7yrs of age. I
> would like to know if there is research or if anybody has experience
> with providing children from 3-4yrs with EAL whilst they
> are attending Nursery Class in our School. The class is already very
> practical and the language simple but there is the suggestion that
> the non-native speakers receive extra help outside the larger class
> group for English. I would be grateful of any feedback best wishes,
> Kerry

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Re: EAL for children 3-4yrs old

Unread postby Rina » 13 Oct 2008, 12:54

May I ask if you use a course book ?
I used to teach 4-6 year old children in German Kindergarten. I used a very good books from MacMillan.
4-5 -year-old I used Patch the Puppy and then Little Bugs.
Hope this helps

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