ASAP! personality vocabulary adjectives

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ASAP! personality vocabulary adjectives

Unread postby Kimjonghee77 » 19 Mar 2006, 05:43

I need ideas for lesson plans for beginner and intermediate classes. Also, I want to do Personality vocabulary adjectives but I am just lost and my brain is fried....I want to teach the vocabulary and then maybe have the students take a personality survey for fun and practice, any activity ideas or material ideas would be great, thanks! Nika

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Re: ASAP! personality vocabulary adjectives

Unread postby rjlechtenberg » 31 Jan 2008, 11:35

The games called "Who am I?" Here's how it goes: each student gets a slip of paper and writes down three or four adjectives describing them selves (can be personality, appearance, or both). Then the teacher collects and redistributes the slips. Students take turns reading their slip of paper and guessing (with the help of the rest of the class) who it is that is described. Fun, but they already need to have a fairly large adjectival vocabulary to do it.

You can add a competitive spin to the basic (above) game: the winner is the person who is correctly guessed after having the fewest of their adjectives read. This way you encourage them to describe themselves as precisely as they can and using more advanced adjectives.

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Re: ASAP! personality vocabulary adjectives

Unread postby HeatherC » 17 Aug 2008, 15:57

I just recently taught a lesson on describing people's physical appearances and personalities. You can access the lesson plan here:

Learning Description Through an Interactive Group Game

A sample list of words from the lesson is: depressed, motivated, happy, joyful, sad, angry, bitter, helpful, sarcastic, lonely, social, quiet, extroverted, introverted, reserved, outgoing, crazy, etc.

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