What are the essential books for an EFL teacher?

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What are the essential books for an EFL teacher?

Unread postby Lizzybet » 20 Jul 2008, 14:56


I have been teaching English for almost two years now and would like to improve my stock of resources on my next trip to the UK. Can you recommend the best books/resources that a TEFL teacher can't live without? I use Murphy's grammar and most of the schools i teach in have their own coursebooks, but i feel i could do with some more reference stuff, teacher training and general activities including explaining and helping my students with pronunciation. I teach all ages and levels so some material which is adaptable would be great.


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Re: What are the essential books for an EFL teacher?

Unread postby Lucy » 27 Jul 2008, 18:27


If you like English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy, you might also like the corresponding vocabulary series: English Vocabulary in Use. For pronunciation, Adrian Underhill is the classic for theory and Pronunciation Games contains some great activities for use in class.

As for teacher training, I suggest anything by Jeremy Harmer and Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener. Discussions A-Z is another favourite of mine as is Recipes for Tired Teachers. As for resources that are suitable for all ages, I think it's better to choose different books for children and teenagers.

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