Can I pay a mortgage as a TEFL teacher?

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Can I pay a mortgage as a TEFL teacher?

Unread postby Travelbug1984 » 11 Jun 2008, 16:47

Hi, Im currently a Qualified Nurse looking for a career break with the possibility of a career change. I have a Diploma and im hoping the teaching involved in daily practice will stand me in good steed.
After a fair ammount of research ive decided TEFL is the route for me, the possibility of combining travel with a wage and getting a break from nursing is frankly my idea of heaven!

I was a mili-second away from applying for my CELTA course when all hopes of selling my property in the near future have been squashed by this cruel cruel market. Even with rental potential im still going to me left with substantial monthly commitments.
So now im in a situation: i could go ahead with the CELTA and hope for 3 month contracts abroad in a country that doesnt require a degree for visa purposes. Ive also been looking into positions in England as that would make things easier for obvious reasons.

Do people think its worth spending the £1000 for the CELTA at the moment with my financial committments, or should i just hold off for now? ( I do think the CELTA is the best route, im also hoping to do both the young learners and business english courses)
Im not sure how beneficial 3 month contracts would be to me or my students or for that matter how easily they are obtained as i cant seem to find many, but it is something ive ben really looking forward to, im really passionate about it.

Does anyone have any guidance? :roll:

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Re: TEFL with a mortgage, is it possible?

Unread postby Susan » 12 Jun 2008, 19:32


I can understand your predicament.

I can't make any comment about your mortgage or financial situation. I don't know enough about your situation or about the economy for my comment to be a fair one.

The certificate is a good course to do if you wish to be a teacher. You can also consider other options to give you a taste for teaching before you take the plunge. Is there anywhere near you where you could volunteer as a teacher? A centre for refugees or a church, maybe. This would help you see whether teaching is right for you before you spend money.

I'm also moving your question into an open forum, so other members can make comments.

You're considering all the right things, I'm sure you'll come up with the right answer.


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Re: TEFL with a mortgage, is it possible?

Unread postby Travelbug1984 » 15 Jun 2008, 19:49

Thankyou for your reply.
Im sure you will be pleased to hear ive decided to apply for the CELTA.
Nothing in this life is easy, especially things that are worthwhile. Im determined to do this and think ive found a way.
Who ever let a little thing like financial ruin get in the way of an adventure anyway :D
Wish me luck!

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Re: TEFL with a mortgage, is it possible?

Unread postby systematic » 16 Jun 2008, 18:10

A very good decision :!:

Do take into consideration however that the salaries in teaching English are not high. In the UK they range from £7.50 - £11 per hour and the most even an experienced and committed teacher can cope with is about 24 contact hours per week (you will spend the rest of the time preparing lessons, marking homework, invigilating exams, etc.). You'll need to take a close look at taxes, PAYE, and the cost of living , and the potential on your disposable income for servicing your mortgage. I just returned from a trip to the UK last week, and I was staggered at the cost of living there.

It is interesting to note that with good qualifications, the hourly wages in many developing countries will not be much less than in the UK, and the cost of living will be much, much lower, and there will probably be little or no tax to pay.

The downside is that even with the revered CELTA, getting a visa to teach in a non EU country is not going to be easy without a degree (any subject will do). Check out what it is like to teach in a school in Asia here: and if you need any more info, don't hesitate to post your questions here:
I offer any information or advice 'as is' and hope that it has been of help. I am not an admin of this board, and my postings do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the board management.
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Re: Can I pay a mortgage as a TEFL teacher?

Unread postby SunShine » 13 Nov 2008, 19:57

Hi, Travelbug, I know my reply is too late for you as your posting was made in the summer, and hopefully you will have passed your chosen course. See my entry under "You have been warned". I wouldn't have gone and spent almost 2000€, including flights from Uk and everything else, had I known about the course. The one I did was only suitable for people already living in Spain as you were expected to bring along all sorts, which you only knew about after you had parted with your money.

Also, I was a bit worried about your grammar and spelling, having read your posting. This needs to be 100%; you get reminded about every small punctuation mistake.

But pls let us know how you did and what you are doing now.

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