Can you advise on a lesson plan on simple past questions?

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Can you advise on a lesson plan on simple past questions?

Unread postby sabz » 22 May 2008, 22:52

1 Warmer: Ask students questions about their weekend. Revision of last lesson: Go over homework from last lesson. t - s
2 Introduction: Show a picture of a character to the students, and elicit information from the students about the character's name. Then show them places he went and things he did which should elicit the students to make simple past senctences such as 'he went to a concert' and 'he took his friend with him'. s - t
3 Ask students questions about the character such as 'did he go to the concert?'. See how they answer and then correct the students. Ask the same questions again and pay attention to how they answer the questions then correct any further mistakes. t - s S-T
4 Elicit questions by showing students flash cards of what the character did and get one student to ask another. s - t
5 Get students to ask questions to the person sitting next to them about things that are listed on the board about what the character did. eg. Did he drink coffee at the concert? s-s
6 Drilling chorally and individually. s -t
7 On the board write the verbs tense in the question form, example: did + subject + verb, then get the students to copy what is written on the board. T- S
8 Have cards of scrambled questions in a box, chose a student to pick out a card and try to put the scrambled question into a correct question. If the student gets it wrong ask the class to help and correct it with them. The student then chooses someone from the class to answer the question. The student who answers the question then either gets up to pick another card with a scrambled question and puts it in order or chooses another student. T - s s-s s-t
9 Check the students memory by sticking the cards with the scrambled questions on the board then get the students to call out the correct questions and the answers. Write the correct questions and answers on the board for everyone to copy. s-t
10 Students work in pairs on a handout were they will need to fill in gaps of incomplete sentences of simple past questions and answers leaving half of the questions for homework. s-s
11 Go over the answers on the handout. The student who answers the question should call on another student to answer the next question. T- s s-s
12 Put students in new pairs then get the students to ask each other questions about things they did in the past. S - S
13 Homework: 1.The students will need to finish questions on the handout. 2.Students should read a paragraph of what the character did and make up as much simple past questions as possible. t-s

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Re: Can you advise on a lesson plan on simple past questions?

Unread postby Lucy » 24 May 2008, 23:47

I think your lesson plan is very good. I suggest making the minor adjustments below:

I would put step number 6 before before step 5 because drilling involves more controlled practice than asking each other questions.

In step 5, which would now be step 6, I think it’s important to keep prompts (both pictures and word prompts) visible on the board or elsewhere.

In step 7, you should also write up the answer form.

I suggest doing step 8 in groups rather than as a whole class to give students more chance to speak.

In step 12 (questions about their past), you should think about whether students will need prompts or not.

I would put the writing exercises (steps 10 and 11) after step 12; simply because I think there will be a smoother transition.

Good luck,


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Re: Can you advise on a lesson plan on simple past questions?

Unread postby sabz » 25 May 2008, 14:29

Thank you very much Lucy for your reply and advice it was very helpful.

I am very worried about my grammar and punctuation, did you spot any grammar and punctuation error?
Thank you

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