Can I teach with a 3 year teaching diploma?

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Can I teach with a 3 year teaching diploma?

Unread postby Char » 10 May 2008, 17:53

I am 48 yrs young and I have 16 years lecturing/teaching experience at university and school level. My expertise is computer applications technology, but would like to travel and it seems as if teaching English is the way to do it. My diploma is a 3 year teaching diploma and I am a native English speaker. I have also written 2 computer books that have been published. I know I have to get TEFL certificate and plan to do so online, but still have to figure out which company to use as South African currency is not really worth much. What are my chances of getting a job?

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Re: I have a 3yr teach. dipl. & 16 yrs lec. exp., can I ....

Unread postby Lucy » 11 May 2008, 10:06

Your chances of getting a job depend very much on which country you would like to work in.

You don't mention whether you have a university degree or not. Some governments set a requirement that teachers must have a university degree. This makes it impossible to get a job in those countries without one.

I suggest you take a look at job ads for the country or continent you would like to teach in. See what qualifications and experience is mentioned in the ads, possibly speak to some of the schools and then make your decisions accordingly.


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