Teaching presentation skills

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Teaching presentation skills

Unread postby Lhdelrieu » 22 Sep 2004, 13:46

I have a 3 day job coming up in October. It entails teaching a group of 12 doctors how to make presentations. Does anyone know of any resources? This is one of my first jobs as a TEFL instructor and I'm a little nervous! Thanks for any hlep you have! - Laura :?

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Presentation skills

Unread postby SMRT » 15 Oct 2004, 08:01

Maybe you should go to the library and do some background reading on presentation skills and techniques. If possible, attend a presentation skills course yourself.

I think it is quite unusual that your boss sends you as an inexperienced teacher to teach presentation skills.

Anyway, don't worry. Your students will probably know more about it than you. If you are lucking, they might just want you to check their pronunication and grammar.

By the way, there is an excellent textbook by a guy called Mark Powell on this subject. Sorry, but I just can't remember the title and the publisher off the top of my head.

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Re: Teaching presentation skills

Unread postby robEFL » 29 Aug 2008, 05:15

Hi There,

Title: Presenting in English - How to Give Successful Presentations Mark Powell 1st Edition © 1996

Publisher: Cengage Learning



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