Japan without a degree

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Japan without a degree

Unread postby micholly » 03 Mar 2008, 12:45

I've joined this forum just to ask this one question, hopefully you can help.

I'm applying for a working holiday visa in Japan for 2009, from the uk. Without a degree, but with a TEFL qualification, would i be able to find work? I know most advertised posts require at least a BA, and that a full working visa would require it.

I'm going to japan anyway, and don't need to rely on paid work for the time i'll be there.

Any advice wold be most helpful.

Alex Case
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Re: Japan without a degree

Unread postby Alex Case » 04 Mar 2008, 00:52

It's possible. Although all schools ask for a degree in their adverts, this is mainly so they can get you a working visa, which is very very difficult without. If you already have a working holiday visa, that is not a problem. You might find that schools only offer you part time work, but that sounds like what you are looking for anyway. Arranging private lessons yourself and teaching in cafes etc. is also possible.



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Re: Japan without a degree

Unread postby dramaticbabe » 06 Mar 2008, 07:53

hi there... i am currently in japan on a working holiday visa without a degree having the teaching qulification will help you get a job tho. so i thought id list a few places that will take people on without a degree Gaba although transport and training isnt paid ( 3 days) choose your own hours but its comission paid its weather you get the lessons but when you create your profile mention your certificate because japanese people are crazy for it,and you will get booked!!

other places are berlitz i think take on part time working holiday visa people and pay quite well.

findateacher.net for private students.

when you get to japan the main site people advertise for jobs is on http://www.gaijinpot.com how ever you have to be currently residing in japan.

also another handy site is the metroplis its the number one english site for foeginers check the spelling google metroplis japan and it will come up i always forget how to spell it but thats what i google lol ...

you will also find other small schools and part time work...

p.s if you have 3 years or more experience in teaching and work full time in a company its possiable to be sponcered for a work visa without a degree.

best of luck i hope you enjoy japan finding work isnt difficult although you do need to find a computer and have a suit or two lol

take care


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Re: Japan without a degree

Unread postby Glenski » 22 Mar 2008, 23:26

You don't need a degree to get a work visa. The requirements are either a degree or a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience.

WHV holders can get jobs, yes. That is the short answer. You have not said where you are looking, so anyone living there cannot really help. Yes, many employers require a degree, but legally you can still work on a WHV, so it is up to you to convince them that you are qualified enough. Some employers look at a WHV as a traveling whim at work (which in a way it is, since it is technically for people on vacation wishing to pick up a little money).

findateacher is a site that merely specializes in getting potential students and teachers together. Your salary comes only from what the students decide to pay you.

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other sites that I know are mostly regional, so here we go again with the question of where in Japan are you willing to go?

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