help please don't ignore a sad girl

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help please don't ignore a sad girl

Unread postby yateema » 22 Mar 2008, 18:16



I want to make a competition in handwriting (( the most beautiful handwriting)) in school

but I don't know how to make the paper and sentences

and how to make a question ...?

I need ur creative ideas

please put anything here and I will make it over

your friend

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Re: help please don't ignore a sad girl

Unread postby Guillermo » 31 Mar 2008, 16:44

Interesting competition!

Well depending on how old are the competitors, I would say you have to "make" them write sentences with long letters like Q, T, Y, P, D, F, G, J, L, B. If they are young students I think you should categorize the prizes like "Best Name Signature", "Funniest handwriting", "Errorles writing" etc.

You could ask your students to make a small writing about their families and friends so they will be forced to use proper names.

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