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New course to design?

Unread postby Xian » 01 Mar 2008, 10:52

Hi everyone.
I have taught IELTS and other short English courses at different institutions. Now, I am hired by a local university to take some sponken and functional English classes to BBA and MBA students. Normally, at other institutes the course would have been already designed. All I had to do was to teach it with some changes. The university has asked me to design a course for over 200 students of BBA and MBA!! The university had some course outlines but weren't practical. I am bit confused where to start from and how to do it as I don't have any expereince in designing a course or curriculum. The university has lots of expectation from me. Can anybody help me in this regard??
Thanks in advance

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Re: New course to design?

Unread postby jasminade » 02 Mar 2008, 07:28


Hello! Firstly I would like to ask you of our location. I am in China teaching various different students in two institutions. One requires English business language skills and the other requires English language skills to Software Engineers. I suspect this may be helpful (I am sure you will get help from others) and would be happy to inform you of our structures.

In any case, when planning, a good idea would be to use a core textbook that will include the skills required from your students and to work around the structure therein. Also, in places like universities you may find that some classes may be of different disciplines, working in different weeks...

Good luck!

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