Which TEFL course is best for Egypt?

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Which TEFL course is best for Egypt?

Unread postby gabrielle » 05 Nov 2007, 03:34

I am thinking of doing a TEFL course and Egypt is my choice.If anybody can give me some points or advice about this matter would be much appreciated..thanks

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Certificate for teaching in Egypt

Unread postby Lucy » 07 Nov 2007, 18:14

Dear Gabrielle,

I guess you are talking about a certificate course rather than the Diploma or a Masters.

The most popular and widely recognised certificate courses are Trinity and Cambridge UCLES. They are not the only providers. I've never worked in Egypt; so, I don't know whether either of the courses mentioned is preferred there. You could also look at courses offered in Egypt; I think the British Council in Cairo offer one. By doing the course in Egypt you will have a headstart when you start looking for work.

You could look at job ads to see which qualifications schools in Egypt are asking for. Alternatively, you could put your question into one of the open forums on this site; you might get an answer from somebody who knows the teaching situaiton in Egypt well.


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