Career in TEFL?

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Career in TEFL?

Unread postby dpregan » 09 Oct 2007, 16:07

Is it possible to build an actual career out of TEFL. I am thinking of doing the cert and looking for a job in SE Asia.

Is there any career progression available? I do not want to be going from one poorly paid contract to another for many years. (I realise this is likely to happen for a few years at first) Is it possible to move into management and gain a comfortable living and relative job security?

thank you

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Unread postby Glenski » 13 Oct 2007, 08:39

Yes, there can be a career in TEFL. Many people stay in it for decades. You have to be prepared and understand the market of the country(ies) where you go.

As for a career progression, that can be case by case. Start at whatever bottom rung there is for the country you choose (in Japan, it's ALT for JET programme or dispatch agencie, or it's conversation school teacher).

After that, people can move up to full-time solo teacher (not ALT), start their own business, or whatever, depending on their credentials.

I moved up from conversation school to private HS to university.

Some people will get into management at conversation schools, others become trainers. Security and stability all depend on you and where you want to work. "Comfortable living" is relative. You'll have to explain that more, and maybe tell us what countries interest you.

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Re: Career in TEFL?

Unread postby Sadebugo » 26 Sep 2008, 12:11

It is certainly possible to have a career and I know many people who have started at a language institute and ended up in a tenured university position. My only concern would be for what happens after your working life. What do you do for retirement since most countries don't provide a safety net for foreigners? Sure, you have people who save and invest every penny but there's no guarantee that money will be available in the end especially considering stock market fluctuations. Just something to think about.


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Re: Career in TEFL?

Unread postby niel » 01 Oct 2008, 22:26

Teaching In Italy?????

I was wondering can you give me some kind advice and help towards how and where, in the obvious maze of routes, I go about finding a reliable, supportive and rated initial employer. I will be a newly qualified CELTA teacher with plans to be over a.s.a.p. What are the basics to make it work? Celta is the right qualification to have right?

All advice very very well recieved,

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