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Unread postby Ely » 09 Apr 2004, 05:18


I'm interested in getting a Diploma, already have CTEFLA (CELTA) and 10 years teaching experience.

The problem is, I live in Japan & don't have the time to return to England to take the DELTA course. So I think distance learning is the best. But, even through distance learning DELTA, you have to return to England for two weeks or so to teach observed/graded lessons which I also don't have the time or financial resources for. So, I'm thinking the TESOL Diploma is the next best thing as it's cheaper and doesn't require lessons observed/graded.

Has anyone taken the TESOL Diploma distance course? Or even the DELTA distance course? How was it for you? I mean, how did you get on with it? How do you rate the TESOL Diploma? Did you have to have observed lessons, or not?

Any advice or info is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.


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Unread postby Ely » 18 May 2004, 05:49


Anyone out there?!



Diploma TESOL

Unread postby Danyah » 05 Jul 2004, 22:41

I did a diploma which was totally on line from the London Teacher Training College in the UK.Their web site is It was pretty good alot of interesting information. And the diploma cert.doesn't say online,You also get a tutor who you can e-mail questions to although mine wasn't much help if you do enrole with them don't have penny wilson as a tutor. I hope this helps you. Danyah :D



Unread postby Guest » 31 Aug 2004, 19:11

I'm pretty sure I'm going to do the combined diploma in TEFL and Business English with LTTC. Did you feel better prepared after taking this, i.e., able to assess new students, prepare lessons, teach the four skills, test progress, etc.? I'd love to have your words of wisdom. Thanks so much.

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