mixed conditionals..... help!!!

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mixed conditionals..... help!!!

Unread postby daviesel » 22 Sep 2007, 20:21

Hi! Have to introduce the difference between 3rd and mixed conditionals.... don't know where to steart, and want to make it fun.... any ideas???

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Unread postby Glenski » 26 Sep 2007, 14:26

As far as I know, they are the same. Short lesson, huh?

Since you are going to mix some "if" statements with past tense (or variations) verbs, followed by present or future situations (all in the unreal or hypothetical sense), just take them a step at a time. Give them all possible combinations in one lesson is only asking for trouble.

As for lesson plans themselves, who are your students?

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Unread postby Kean » 19 Oct 2007, 13:19

Mixed because you are talking about a hypothetical past situation (3rd cond') with a hypothetical present result (2nd conditional)
If I had studied harder, I would have past the exam (all past so 3rd cond')
If I had studied harder, I would be a doctor now. (past and present so 3rd and 2nd cond' so mixed).

Or perhaps your question was how to teach it rather than what it is. In which case, sorry.

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