In vs on.

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In vs on.

Unread postby magicnumber9 » 10 Sep 2007, 17:06

Is it "I'm in the swimming team." Or "I'm on the swimming team."? If both are okay, is it just because of the difference between British English and American English?

Thank you.

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Unread postby Glenski » 11 Sep 2007, 05:57

American English uses "on".

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Unread postby sonnet » 14 Sep 2007, 11:41

Both are used in British English.

In my experience (don't shoot me!), I'd say that there's a nuance in meaning:

"I'm on the football team."
means I'm part of the squad, regularly go to practice, and play in a lot of the games

"I'm in the football team."
implies that I've been selected in the starting 11 for the next game

That's how people where I'm from use it, anyway.
We're one, but we're not the same.

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Unread postby flowerbeast » 21 Oct 2007, 02:33

It's easier when 'a pretty girl' replaces 'the swimming team'.

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