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which course?

Unread postby wildeep » 10 Sep 2007, 15:34

i've been looking at tefl courses on the internet and i 'm slightly overwhealmed with the options. i want to get a qualififcaiton to teach english so that i can move to peru where my pregnant girlfriend is from. i want a course that will be recognised over there and hopefully that will lead to a job, if such a course exists. i am 24, a native english speaker, have a little teaching (not teaching englsih) expereince, and i have completed a postgraduate degree. any suggestions about which course will be best for me?

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Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 11 Sep 2007, 18:01

There are many good courses onsite and online. Online courses are a good option particularly if you have a limited budget to further your studies or if you have other work and/or family commitments that restrict the amount of time you have available to study. You can find good online courses that provide quality training and allow you to work at your own pace. Having no deadlines but those which you set for yourself is a great advantage. Working on a course with a flexible schedule where your personal tutor can be contacted 24/7 or your coursework can be submitted whenever ready has allowed many of our students – teachers to complete successfully their TESL/TEFL Certificate course, further their knowledge and gain better prospects of employment.

If you want to get TESL/TEFL certified before you get there then you might want to get your girlfriend to contact a few English schools locally and see what their exact requirements are. Requirements vary from school to school and the recognition of one certificate instead of another often comes down to how the TESL/TEFL provider is perceived by the individual employer.

So if you are concerned about having the right qualifications, then the only sure way to find out is to talk to the school(s) where you'd like to work. They will have their own preferences.

Hope this helps

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Unread postby Aase » 12 Sep 2007, 00:09

wouldn't an onsite course be better?
I mean, doing it online does have it's benefits: time constraints, budget or so, but wouldn't supervised training be better?

I've been reading around for a couple weeks now and it seems that most offer the usual 100++ hours of training and some additional supervised teaching.

I forgot which it was but there's this one in Ban Pe... something in Thailand where you would be practice teaching to locals...

And I think if you can find one onsite in Peru with this type of thing, wouldn't it be better since you'll be handling local students and get a feel on how to teach to that particular culture?

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Unread postby janen » 19 Sep 2007, 15:32

The Institute of TEFL Teaching offers a great on-line course at http://www.inst.org/tefl-courses. Highly recommended! Good luck.

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