Where can I find tutoring resources that engage students?

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Where can I find tutoring resources that engage students?

Unread postby bbwink » 19 Jul 2007, 16:56

Hi Lucy--forgive me because I'm sure you've gotten this question a gazillion times. I am an American tutor looking for ENGAGING books to create a tutoring curriculum for a smart Korean boy going into 5th grade. His teacher is concerned that he won't be able to keep up with his writing. His vocab is decent, not great, and he's a good speaker, though he forgets words. He definitely seems like he can catch up but needs to work at it with books that will interest him. His writing is slow in that it lacks details and he doesn't understand of articles and prepositions, verbal phrases, etc. And I have to push him to write paragraphs. As I said, he's smart, and I think that he'll do well with a curriculum that engages him. Thanks.

I teach him two hours per week.

Thank you so much.

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Motivating resources

Unread postby Lucy » 22 Jul 2007, 09:41

I think it's really difficult to choose resources at that age. My experience is that coursebooks are usually lacking in some area and do not usually succeed in engaging the students.

I think coursebooks need to be supplemented and added to. So, instead of giving the name of a resource, I'm directing you to various links.

You could look at the following link on using readers in the classroom:


You could also look at other questions I have replied to on teaching children and teens.

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