Can you recommend books for absolute beginners?

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Can you recommend books for absolute beginners?

Unread postby Jeanne » 14 Mar 2004, 09:35

What books would you recommend for absolute beginner ESL adult learners - workbooks and texts?

Thanks. :?
I'm an ESL tutor and am happy to receive or give help on this subject. Jeanne

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Books for Beginners

Unread postby Lucy » 16 Mar 2004, 20:42

The English File by Oxford University Press is excellent. It builds up grammar, vocabulary and useful phrases gradually, incorporating pronunciation practice. There is a teacher's book to accompany it that includes photocopiable resources.

Headway Beginner (also by OUP) is another good choice. It also works on the 4 skills but is a little more demanding on the students. You'll know best which suits your students.

English in Use by Cambridge University Press is also very good. There's a workbook to accompany it which gives extra vocabulary and listening practice.

I hope you enjoy teaching the beginners whichever book you use.

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