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The Online Debate...

Unread postby shlee » 26 Jun 2007, 05:30

if you would like to read a good article about the debate regarding online training, just go to the following link and read the two posts titled The Online Debate, Parts One & Two

Here is the link:

The article was written by Dr. Wayne Bottiger, a teacher and author who has been teaching for more than 22 years in the United States. He is an Educator with training in instructional technology, and designs Internet courses for a number of companies...The article is a good read...

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Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 28 Aug 2007, 13:43

Another interesting article on this issue is posted on

It's entitled:

Online Courses VS In House Courses

and the direct link is:

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Unread postby Alex Case » 28 Aug 2007, 23:57

shlee, thanks for all the articles which are really good reads. However, I notice that all the articles you have given are written by the same person. If you have some connection to this person, I really don't think it would hurt to make that clear.

Peter Easton
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Unread postby Peter Easton » 06 Sep 2007, 06:56

Mr Bottiger’s posts are all a bit yawn to be honest. He uses no concrete practical examples to demonstrate his ‘theories’ in reality and he fails to say anything that professional teachers don’t already know. It’s just reinventing the wheel to try and sound clever. Take this passage for example, with is included in his earth-shattering conclusion on the use of technology in the classroom:

Instead of seeking more ways to incorporate technology into the lesson plan, teachers should focus their attention on providing the highest quality instruction they can. Especially as it relates to the instruction of English as a Foreign Language. It is possible to be find ways to make the language learning environment one that is equitable when using traditional methods and technology. Teachers who know how to use current technologies have an advantage over those who do not. They can make the difference for students in specific settings, but implementing technology plans and putting electronic devices into schools because they look good is not the answer.

Right! Plagiarising material from one of the thousands of dull-as-ditchwater books on ESL teaching just to look good is not the answer either.

Not impressed I’m afraid...

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